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Financing For Your College – Some Hot Tips For 2015

Student loan debt and college costs are some of the hot topics in 2015. As student loan debt starts soaring out of control, bearing such college costs can indeed be…

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Vital Questions To Ask Before Refinancing Your Small Business Debt

It was during the credit crunch that innumerable entrepreneurs got the cold shoulder from their banks and turned to other high interest lenders and took out debt consolidation loans at outrageously high rates. Now that we’re about to step into 2015, it is indeed the ideal time to forget about the past snubs and try getting a bank loan to refinance all the costly debts that you had taken before, says the experts. With business loans from the Small Business Administration (SBA) available at less than 6% interest rate and the SBA waiving off the fees on loans under $150,000, the small business firms seems to potentially save a lot.

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